Imperial Lane

It was Marie's 20th Birthday and she treated us all to snacks and a good time at Imperial Lane (on Fort Lane, Auckland City). Its a very hidden away little urban cafe with dark lighting and ambient music...oozing coolness.

We were excited for this after a day of lectures.

Time for food...

I tell you, the food looked so delicious and everyone was so hungry that it went in a flash. 

No pictures of these but the crab toastie inspired me. Even though I only got a small bite!

Its now on my to make list

Food included yummy hot dogs - I think mine was a Bratwurst with sauerkraut

Madi is currently on a caveman she can't eat the bread bun from the hotdog.
Peter wasn't best pleased when he found the hotdog without the sausage.

Not really right is it?

Cocktail time!

Marie and I had Crisp Apple Mojitos which were pretty yummy 

Personally I love mint..and mint leaves so I did eat them all.
Despite my friends making fun.
I paid $16 for the cocktail, I'm not leaving the mint! 

Marie opened presents...

Best quote of the night?

"Martini glasses...this year is going to go well" - Dru

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