Bubble Tea Night

After a long day at uni, some of my favourite people and I decided to have supper at the nearby cafe. When I say nearby what I actually mean is, in the same apartment building...its all so convenient! As you can guess its an asian place, taiwanese to be specific and they have cheap and cheerful meals and drinks. Perfect for us students before a night of yet more study...

I actually have 2 exams next week so its going to be studying every night until they're over. 

Back to the fun part of the day...

 Gorgeous bright colourful menus :)

They also have a variety of mini games you can play with while you wait for your food or when you're eating.

I clearly was having way too much fun with my new camera though...

Making my friends look weird with various colour changes, haha!

Although I did pay attention for a game of last teddy :)

I ordered a black sesame milk tea (without pearls). Sesame is my favourite flavour for these kind of drinks. If they have sesame, I don't need to see the rest. Pearls on the other hand are just annoying. I know that no one else agrees with me though.

It was really nutty :)

Our study fuel arrived. I had crispy spare ribs in noodle soup. I also added chill oil - another personal favourite. It adds so much flavour to practically anything without blowing your head. If you're not to keen on the spice then you should avoid those chill flakes that come with it. 

This was definitely the best meal I've had at this place so far :)

I should mention, a moment of silence please for my poor friend/brother Kyle who was supposed to have his 21st tonight. He got chicken pox for his birthday...

However unfortunate, it will be postponed for when he's better :)

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  1. mmm all the food looks amazing! Making me so hungry! Also i'm in shock that you don't like tapioca in bubble tea!!
    Fashion Ganache.