Cucumber pasta with spicy lime sauce

My latest obsession at the moment is making pasta from vegetables. If you've seen my My Pinterest then you'll have noticed that I've been rather inspired! I'm trying to lose weight but its proved difficult with my pasta cravings. I seem to gravitate towards spaghetti, fettucine, penne, orzo and all the rest when I'm thinking of what I feel like cooking. Don't forget the shells, jumbo shells and home made pasta of course...

So trying out vegetable pasta seemed like a good idea :) I've tried this out a few times and absolutely love it. I've not eaten real spaghetti in months now and the vegetable pasta will probably become a staple in my diet. I have yet to buy a vegetable spiraller...but its easy enough just with a peeler and knife. 

You'll need (to serve 2):
1 cucumber
1 key lime
1 cup of natural greek yogurt
1 teaspoon of pronto rosso (sun dried tomato pesto)
pinch of sea salt
cracked pepper
large green olives

and also a vegetable peeler (preferably the horizontal style I have here)

Start with your cucumber. If you have a horizontal peeler this will be really easy. You just need to hook a think piece at the top of the cucumber and then drag it down trying to get an even slice. Keep going until you've sliced it all. 

You could use these as they are for really thick ribbons or you could then line them up and use a knife to make them thinner. I used a knife to make ribbons approximately 1cm wide. If you cut them up with a knife it'll never look absolutely perfect but then some variation in your pieces does look quite nice :)

Start making your sauce in a separate bowl. About 1 cup of natural greek yogurt is enough.

Then add 1 teaspoon of your sun-dried tomato pesto. There are heaps of different brands of these in the supermarkets and they all vary slightly in flavour and spice so just pick one you like. At home we have Sabato's Pronto Rosso. Its spicy one and its also a very local product. They're based on Normanby Road, Auckland which is about 5 minutes from me!  

You can find it here

Take a key lime and add the zest and juice to the sauce.

A pinch of sea salt and some cracked pepper will bring out more flavour...

You can then add some olives. I like massive green ones.

Stir your sauce through thoroughly and then add to your cucumber pasta. 

Make sure this is all evenly mixed and then serve.

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