Teed St Larder, Newmarket

I used to go into Newmarket quite a lot. Its really near the school I went to and friends and I used to stroll in to get sushi in our free periods on a Friday. Newmarket probably Auckland's most upmarket shopping destination. Little boutique-y, cupcake shops and others with some eye-popping price tags. Having said that the cafes and restaurants are great and this is one of those thats not too expensive and very casual. 

The family popped into Newmarket for lunch on Saturday. I had the day off work and was able to take a break from my Chinese study. 

I ordered a watermelon juice and a chicken and beetroot pide. Both delicious.

I didn't realise the pide had beetroot -  I thought it was cranberry! I usually avoid beetroot since I'm not too keen on it but I may have changed my tune here because this was really good!

Also came with lots of Emmental, black sesame seeds (my favourite!) and was toasted :)

Lovely Autumn Saturday comfort food.

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