The Don, High Street

Simon and I went out for lunch. We tried a little japanese place on High Street in Auckland City. Its very hidden away you have to go down some steps where there is a selection of little shops and cafes. You find new places all the time in this city! 

We started with some reckon chips. I don't think theres anything particularly special about this vegetable nutrition wise but its so cool with all its holes. I actually wonder how such a vegetable ended up like this in the first place! sorry, just thinking like a science student :P

I ordered a spicy tuna don. I absolutely loooove raw fish. Everything about it; the taste, texture, knowing that its great for me...such a food win. 

Its full of omega-3 oils and having fish raw (providing its very fresh) is better for you because the oils are not lost in cooking. I can sort of see why some people stick to a raw food diet actually...

= glowing skin and shiny hair :D

Simon ordered a cheesy-seafood yaki thing...some kind of fried noodles. I had a taste, it was quite. Not sure if you'd actually find something like this in Japan but then most people like cheese here being a western country. A cool twist that was surprisingly nice.

Cute little Japanese place with reasonable prices, would recommend :)

The Don, 47 High Street, Auckland City.

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