One Tree Grill

Since I wasn't (going to) be able to go to Lisa's 21st on Wednesday, and neither was Jennie, we decided to take Lisa out for dinner so we could have our own 21st for her. I'm now able to go to her 21st and am pretty excited for it but I was also pretty keen for a meal out anyway. We've all seriously earned this after exams :)

Jennie picked out One Tree Grill...in...you guessed it, One Tree Hill, in Central Auckland for those that aren't familiar. It was gorgeous. Probably the most expensive meal I've had to pay for yet but it was so lovely and I'll be wanting to go back again.

They had these really cool menus on iPad minis. When you clicked on the dish it would show you a photo! We took forever to decide...

Raspberry and Rose Mojito,

Caribbean sunsets...

Lisa and I both ordered  the duck and Jennie ordered the Serloin with a bernaise sauce

Cool menus came back for dessert!
we chose ice creams, creme brûlée and petit fours. 

Time to give Lisa her present :) 
Together Jennie and I picked out a bracelet from Coast and I also got her a little silky makeup bag with 4 hand creams from L'Occitane.

My bill came to $83 something...for main, dessert, cocktail and me paying for our extra bread rolls. Its kind of fried my bank account but thats okay, its the holidays :) and the duck was soooo good. I'd go back for that same dish :P

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