Skinny carrot fritters

Vegetable fritters are awesome. Filling, healthy and almost no calories :D win win win

I loved Rosie Londoner's greek courgette fritters and I make them every few weeks but I decided to try create my own. I am very pleased with this recipe and I encourage you to try it too.

You'll need:
3 large carrots
1 large cucumber
1 spring onion
1 teaspoon of crushed garlic
2 tablespoons of black sesame seeds
1 teaspoon of paprika
sea salt and black pepper to season
3 eggs
some oil for frying

Start by grating your carrots and cucumber into a colander over a bowl or saucepan. This may take some time but see it as burning more calories  :P it'll tire your arms. Sprinkle liberally with the sea salt and leave for half an hour while the water drains out. After half an hour you'll have to get your hands in and really force out the water. the more water you can get out the better and you can always save the carrot and cucumber juice for a drink later? when the mixture is thoroughly squeezed out you can start adding the other ingredients. Chop up the spring onion finely and add it along with the garlic, sesame seeds paprika and black pepper. Mix it up so its all even. Beat 3 eggs in a separate bowl and add to the mixture when you're ready for cooking the fritters. Heat up some oil in a pan and when it gets really hot  you can start adding small mounds of the mix. Cook evenly on each side for a few minutes each and slide them all onto a plate to share. These are quite sweet naturally from the carrot so you could serve them with a kind of tangy sauce or just lemon juice to balance it out. 

Simon and I made ours ready to watch X factor New Zealand. Theres only 4 acts now!

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